Hair Botox vs Keratin Treatment.

Hair Botox vs Brazilian Keratin Treatment: Which One is for You?

What Makes Hair Botox Different from Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

While both treatments will offer you comparable outcomes, each of them has some distinct differences. They both produce a smoothing effect, get rid of frizz, add sparkle, and aid dramatically minimize designing time. The most significant distinction between these 2 treatments is that Hair Botox doesn’t consist of formaldehyde and also various other harsh chemicals that you can locate in conventional keratin therapy products. Various other distinctions include that Hair Botox is a deep conditioning treatment, which functions to restore the all-natural elegance of harmed hairs, while a keratin treatment is meant mainly as a hair correcting method and shouldn’t be used on very harmed hair. Your stylist will assist you to determine which kind of therapy is appropriate for you. The proper choice relies on your hair high quality, as well as the results you want to achieve.

Who are the Best Prospects for These Treatments?
Keratin treatment is a great choice for those with thick curly and also unruly hair. On virgin hair, the effects won’t last as long as on porous and chemically treated hair.
Hair Botox is suitable for all hair types. This therapy is focused on you if you have really fine, completely dry, colored, blonde, dull, lifeless, or fried hair loaded with split ends. The therapy is risk-free sufficient to use on expecting women.

Health as well as Environmental Issues

Conventional keratin items include a chemical called formaldehyde that can be released during the level ironing procedure. Formaldehyde fumes have the prospective to hurt the customer, the stylist, and also the people around them.
Hair Botox is safe as well as eco-friendly hair therapy. There are no harmful fumes or vapors coming from the product as well as no gas mask is needed when working with it.

Application Process
Brazilian keratin therapy spreads out the active keratin molecules on top of the hair, not inside the follicle. Keratin particles are as well huge to pass through the hair strands.
Unlike keratin therapies, Hair Botox is a filler of essential nutrients like vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants that efficiently passes through the follicle to recover hair from the inside out. The treatment fills spaces and also damages in the hair shaft, works to restore lost protein as well as aids maintain hair smooth, healthy and balanced, and also strong.

Can I Apply These Treatments in the house?

Keratin treatment needs to be performed in a reputed hair salon by a specialist stylist, complying with all the security preventative measures. If you can not manage for it to be done skillfully you need the correct tools as well as a seasoned good friend to assist you with the application procedure.
Hair Botox therapy is secure to do in the house, however, a skilled hairstylist will certainly offer you with far better results.

Can I Utilize These Products without Worry of Destructive my Hair?
Keratin items can sometimes trigger hair to become dry and disturbingly weak. If you have weak hair, level ironing can create damage to the follicle making hair break off. Some people might experience a rise in hair befalling quickly after the treatment.
With Hair Botox therapy your hair will certainly not be prone to the negative results of dry skin, breakage and hair autumn. If you want your hair and also scalp healthy and balanced in the long run Hair Botox is the best therapy for you.

Which Therapy will Function Better for me?
A keratin therapy will make your hair appear normally right, smooth as well as a lot more manageable. Keratin dealt with hair will not come to be frizzy also when revealed to damp atmospheres. Styling time is drastically decreased.
Hair Botox reorganizes terribly harmed hair, fixings split ends, gets rid of frizz and also adds unbelievable sparkle to hair. The therapy additionally nourishes the scalp and also aids combat dandruff as well as loss of hair.
Keratin therapy is a better alternative if you desire straight and workable hair considering that the keratin treatment straightens hair more than Hair Botox. If you want to bring your hair back to life and reduce the frizz but still maintain your waves intact, after that Hair Botox is what you require. Hair Botox smooths the curls as well as makes them a lot more workable, however, the treatment will not completely align the hair. Also, Hair Botox would be a therapy of selection if you desire silky-looking as well as frizz-free hair, yet favor not to utilize harsh chemicals.

If you have fine hair, keratin treatment can evaluate your hair down, leaving it to look flattened. Hair Botox is preferable for fine hair, as it does not minimize the volume or consider your hair to the exact same degree as keratin therapies will certainly do.